CleanJack has launched a new wall terminal model for its time registration system, which will make it even easier for you to  manage your labour costs. The terminal is used in combination with ‘CleanJack Fixed’, and enables your cleaners to simply clock in and out using an ID card. Please allow us to outline the advantages.

CleanJack is a time registration system specifically designed for cleaning companies. The registration system improves the quality of the cleaning jobs, and allows for optimum process management and cost control. This helps cleaning companies manage their labour costs.

About the new wall terminal

The wall terminal is part of our product ‘CleanJack Fixed’, and will be installed on your customer’s premises. It enables your cleaners to clock in and out using an ID card. The terminal communicates with your online dashboard automatically. This allows you to computerise the registration of working hours, which comes with significant advantages:

  • Realtime insight into your staff’s working hours and attendance.
  • Excel export of hourly time sheets at the press of a button.
  • You can use the terminal to communicate with cleaners on the location, even where mobile phones are not allowed.
  • Digital log book module that will allow you or your customer to leave a message for the cleaners.
  • More control of your staff with the optimum planning module.
  • Improve the quality of the cleaning jobs using the optimum complaints module.

Savings through added control

Realtime time and attendance registration provides your company with complete clarity. No longer will you have to spend precious time drawing up and collecting your cleaners’ hourly time sheets. CleanJack’s time and attendance registration system computerises the registration of the working hours. CleanJack provides a clear overview of all the hours the cleaners have and have not worked. This prevents misunderstandings about lost or incorrectly completed hourly time sheets. Time and attendance registration will save you money from day one. The investments will be earned back in no time.

Interested in CleanJack?

Do you want to work with CleanJack and manage your labour costs? If so, please contact us for a non-committal appointment or demo, or more information.

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