CleanJack has added a logbook function to its time registration system, which will allow facility managers to add remarks to cleaning locations. Cleaners will see these remarks when they carry out the next assignment for the relevant customer. What does this mean for you?

A much sought-after update to the CleanJack time registration system has been added earlier this month: a digital logbook. This software expansion allows your customers to post remarks about the cleaning jobs carried out, for an individual location or in general. Cleaners will see these remarks when they perform the next cleaning job.

Efficient communication

The addition of the logbook function to the CleanJack time registration system allows for even more efficient communication between cleaners and customers. Many customers and cleaner(s) still communicate through paper notebooks or paper logbooks. This means the cleaning company has no central overview of all that is going on with their customers. Now that the logbook function has become part of the time registration system, paper notebooks and logbooks will become obsolete. It ensures that remarks do not get lost, and it will enable the cleaning company to perform analyses of what is going well and what still requires improvement. This improves the quality of your work and makes your customers feel better about the level of service they are receiving.

Log and history

As remarks are stored digitally, a history of these remarks remains available for inspection. This provides you with an overview of recurring remarks, and enables you to give better feedback on the cleaning jobs carried out for individual customers. This makes this information very interesting to those who want to improve customer satisfaction and grow their company as a result.

More information?

Do you want to improve your service level as well? If so, use the digital logbook within your CleanJack system. If you are not using CleanJack yet, please contact us for more information, a demo or an offer.

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