CleanJack is growing like a weed and is expanding its system with more and more functions. In addition, the company is working hard to grow internationally, among others by entering the Australian market. The ever-increasing volumes and functional expansions mean that CleanJack is entering a new stage. CleanJack has been looking for an experienced professional, and has now found their technical man in Jos van Leeuwen.

Van Leeuwen has joined CleanJack in the role of Chief Technical Officer. “Essentially, this means that my job is to see to it that everything continues to go as smoothly as possible from a technical point of view, and that the technical developments continue”, Van Leeuwen explains.

Strong product

One of the reasons Van Leeuwen decided to join CleanJack is his confidence in CleanJack’s time and attendance registration system. “CleanJack has a strong and unique product on its hands, and now the focus is on scaling up internationally. The software must be robust and keep working at all times. I make sure that it does.”

Ample experience in the banking sector

59-year-old Van Leeuwen has ample experience as an IT manager in the banking sector. In the past 15 years of his career, he was the head of the IT department and responsible for – among other things – all the IT systems that supported the bank’s production. Van Leeuwen: “My background should definitely enable me to help CleanJack develop even further.”

Working on growth

Van Leeuwen is looking forward to making CleanJack even bigger and even more successful through his efforts. “We continuously develop new functions for our time registration system. In addition, there is room for growth where sales are concerned. I predominantly want to focus on expanding our customer base and making our product more widely applicable.”

Short lines

Despite the fact that Van Leeuwen has only been with CleanJack for a little while, he already feels right at home. “We have a great team here. I also like that we are working with short lines of communication. If I want to get to work on something, my colleagues never take long to respond.”